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If you mind what you put in, on and around your body, welcome to your new favourite brand.

Innovative products across essential lifestyle categories:

  • Personal Care
  • Health & Wellness
  • Household Care

    These products are a better alternative. They’re safe for you and they’re safe for your families.*

    *When used as directed.

    About This Shop / Business Opportunity

    Product Reviews

  • The Modern Shopper

    As a modern shopper, you are more informed than ever before. You want to know where your product is coming from. What’s in it. Where it was sourced. Today, customers (you!) are savvy and expect more. You expect that the products you use every day are safe, locally sourced where possible, and not laden with harsh chemicals. Yet, for many of us, the problem with safe is that it isn’t easy. “Safe” products often don’t work the way we hope, they’re more expensive, and they’re a lot harder to find.

    Each one of these products is safe, affordable, and accessible to you and your home—and best of all, they perform better than many of those shop-bought “chemfests”. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are key. No compromise. No Ethoxylates, no PEGS, SLS, Phthalates, and no Parabens. Add about 750 more for a total of about 3000 other nasty ingredients avoided. The formulas are pure, reliable and high-performing.

    These are products that perform to the highest standards possible. Products inspired by nature. Products delivered by science. Products that are safe and exceed industry expectations.

    THE AIM: creating a better place to live—and let’s get 10 million of them. Yep, you heard that right. 10 million healthy homes. Thinking big here. Better experiences and the desire to have products that are as beautiful as they are effective. Providing clarity, creating transparency for families and earning your trust. If you believe that there’s a better way, join the mission and make the switch today!

    About This Shop / Business Opportunity

  • All the links below have the Promo Code 919832 embedded. This code will give you a £10 / 10 Euros discount off your first order.

  • If you are located in America, Canada or Australasia, use the Promo Code 919832 for a $10 discount off your first order. If you are in the US / Canada use this link, and if you are in Australasia use this link. Remember to use Promo Code 919832.

  • Free shipping when you spend £89 or more (ie £79 after your £10 discount).

  • Just so you know, the £10 discount is applied at the very end of the checkout process, but it will be there!

    Happy shopping!

  • If you like the sound of all this, and would like a business opportunity you can do from home to suit you, simply contact Amanda for details.

  • Personal Care

    Illuminate, revitalize, and enhance your body.

    The Personal Care (skin, hair, body, mouth, men's care) range enhances and improves your appearance with products designed to beautify, cleanse, and renew. Here are a few favourites.

    Health and Wellness

    The Health & Wellness Collection allows you to focus on targeted areas of your body and restore balance, energy, and stamina.

    GENERAL NUTRITION - essential nutrition products promote overall health with our safer, powerful, nutritional supplements built for every aspect of your life.

    TARGETED HEALTH - Precision formulas for distinct needs to support and enhance specific, targeted areas of your body with safe products designed to focus on you.

    AGEING HEALTH - Support as you grow older. Combining natural ingredients and cutting-edge science to help support you as you grow older.

    ACTIVE HEALTH - Invigorate your life. Increase your body’s vitality and get the energy you crave with safe, revolutionary products for your lifestyle.

    WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - Maintain a healthy diet and enjoy the tastes you love. Safe, effective products help you achieve your body’s goals and support a healthy lifestyle.

    Household Care

    Rest easy knowing that with the Household Collection, your home is not only clean—it’s safe.

    Product Reviews

    Deodorant - "Having struggled for years to find a deodorant that lasts throughout the day, I have at last found one, it is fantastic and I thoroughly recommend it." Lucinda Beard, Surrey, UK

    Body Bar - "This has a lovely fresh smell and the whole family love this product. I highly recommend this soap."Lucinda Beard, Surrey, UK

    Moisturising Shampoo "This has a lovely fresh smell and leaves my hair looking shiny and full of body. I thoroughly recommend it." Lucinda Beard, Surrey, UK

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