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The BodyTalk System

BodyTalk is whole healthcare and works with the body's own natural ability to heal itself. It is healthcare designed by your body.

"I would love everyone to know how good BodyTalk can be"

It is simple and non-invasive and can yield fast, effective results.

You can use BodyTalk either as a stand alone healthcare system or safely alongside other treatments.

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  • Communicating with the Whole Person

    Health challenges often arise for a variety of reasons. A BodyTalk practitioner is trained to look at the whole-person, including emotional, physical and enft vironmental influences, so the true underlying causes of dis-ease can be balanced.

    The Whole Story

    Every choice, every experience has contributed to your current state of health. Each scar, laugh line and mole has a unique story and a history. Whole healthcare synchronises the whole story by understanding the influence it has on your health.

    Whole healthcare with BodyTalk is integrative and designed to draw upon all fields of healthcare.

    How BodyTalk Can Help You

    "...now two years later I still don’t need the operation that had been predicted"

    While BodyTalk does not diagnose or treat specific ailments, clinical experience has shown that once a client's overall system is balanced through BodyTalk, improvements may be experienced in many areas such as:

    • Health and wellness
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Pain syndromes
    • Digestive disorders
    • High blood pressure
    • Muscle tension
    • Mood disorders
    • Trauma
    • Immune disorders
    • Menstrual problems
    • Hormonal imbalances
    • Environmental issues
    • Emotional issues
    • Relationship issues
    • Toxins, allergies, viruses, parasites
    • Performance optimisation: academics, exams, public speaking, athletics, the arts
    • Pre and Post Surgery to optimise the healing process

    Personalised treatment plans are developed by identifying and resolving underlying causative factors. The physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body are viewed together, integrating multiple perspectives:

    • A Western biomedical view
    • Quantum physics
    • The philosophies of the ancient systems of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine

    To answer any specific queries you may have, or to book a session contact Amanda.


    • Healthcare, including allergies and respiratory issues
    • Behavioral problems
    • Learning and attention issues
    • Divorce, separation and adoption transitions

    Practical Details

    BodyTalk works with the understanding that if everything in your body is in good communication with everything else, then your body and mind will be functioning well. But when these lines of communication break down for whatever reason, for example due to stress, trauma, physical injury, fears etc., that is when symptoms start to show up.

    BodyTalk uses muscle testing, light hand contacts, and gentle tapping (an ancient Hatha Yoga technique) to initiate subtle electrical currents in the body. This is achieved by using the latest advances from quantum physics, clinical studies and energy medicine to help reset the nervous system out of “fight or flight mode” into a healing mode, re-establishing lines of healthy communication between the systems of the body.

    No two sessions are the same. Each one is uniquely determined by what is appropriate at that particular time, and the effects of the sessions are cumulative. As a result, healing through BodyTalk can be deep and lasting.

    "...it has improved my physical and mental well-being in a most immediate and positive way"

    Once the communications systems of your body have been re-established, your body is then more able to heal itself. Improving the efficiency of your body and mind will help you realise your full potential and develop your life so you live with optimum levels of performance and awareness, improving your quality of life, happiness & health.

    Sessions last up to an hour. If possible, wear comfortable, loose fitting, cotton clothes. At the end of the BodyTalk treatment you will be advised whether further sessions are required, and, if so, when the best time for another treatment would be, as determined by your body's natural wisdom for your individual requirements.

    For more information or to book a session contact Amanda

    Distance Sessions

    "It seems impossible that a practitioner in the U.K. could make a difference on a body in Canada, but it happened."

    Clients may opt to have distance sessions over the telephone or Skype if they are unable to come to the clinic due to physical or time constraints, or location. I work with clients locally and worldwide in this way.

    To find out more or to book a distance session contact Amanda.

    Lymphatic Drainage

    The Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage is a highly effective way of moving interstital fluid through tissues and into the lymphatic system. And, since the lymphatic system is intimately associated with the immune system, the immune system's function may also be improved with this lymphatic drainage technique.

    On a physical level, this lymphatic drainage method may help people with conditions such as swelling around an injury site, as well addressing removal of harmful substances from an area, especially molecules of emotion, as well as pain inducing chemicals and hormones that are stagnating in tissue or around organs.

    "3 sessions improved my situation greatly."

    Considerable changes may be experienced just by encouraging the lymph to flow through an area.

    For further details or to book a session contact Amanda.


    "Thank you so much for my session. It has made a huge difference already and I feel much more grounded, positive and generally happy."Rosie, London, UK

    "Hello its Sophia :-) I had a BodyTalk session with you at the Wellness Event in Guildford. Thank you for the treatment. I feel a difference in that I am less resistant and stuck on letting go of past emotional hurts:) Your energy was healing and relaxing and your warm and friendly personality helped too! Thank you." Sophia Vratsini, Surrey, UK

    "I was recommended to take my daughter, Megan, to see Amanda as she was suffering from severe anxiety during the summer holidays.
    She did not want to go back to school as was starting her options (year 10) and was worried about all the new lessons, different classmates etc.
    Her anxiety was so severe that we spent a few hours in A&E after a panic attack.
    I am so glad we met Amanda, her calming presence immediately put Megan at ease and I was able to stay downstairs during Megan's appointment with my young son.
    I felt the difference in Megan as soon as we left Amanda's. She seemed calmer and happier and not so negative about going back to school.
    Megan has written a few words about her experience:
    "I was stressed out and had a lot of anxiety towards going back to school so we went to see Amanda. It was a very calming and relaxing experience and didn't require me having to answer a lot of questions. All you have too do is lie down and allow Amanda to hold your wrist whilst she speaks about how your body is acting. At the end of the session I began feeling more calm and relaxed and was given daily activities I could do which would help."
    I'm so glad we met Amanda. I'm not sure how it works but it does, I'm looking forward to trying it myself sometime!" Sarah Cross, Surrey, UK

    "Just thought I would share with you, I was at Guildford yesterday and the amazing Amanda Weller mentioned that she had treated a Physio for back pain....I have been seeing a Physio for my back as I look like the Darwin ape every morning as my back locks in.....so I mentioned it to Amanda yesterday, booked in an appointment and she had a quick feel of my back ....gave me 10 mins of body talk.
    This morning...I looked at the clock...thought I am going to be late for London and jumped out of bed into the bathroom....then I realised what I had done...I haven't jumped out of bed in months...fab work Amanda....it still twinges but nothing like before so looking forward to our appointment next week. Amazing what the body can do in the right hands! Mx" Sussex, UK

    "Many thanks for your kind healing and guidance.
    On some subtle levels I do feel uplifted and energized, and it feels as though some disconnected parts of my body have been attended to and started tuning to the orchestra of the whole. I am curious to see the transformation of inner resistances.
    Happy for you to share my feedback and even more so for other people to experience BodyTalk for themselves." Olga Shtepenko, Farnham, UK

    "Hi amanda
    Saffron and I r sitting together and wanted to let you know that she really felt very calm before her operation, she also normally bruises very badly and considering they have broken four bones she has none at all and is feeling very positive. Saffron really feels that your therapy really contributed to overall help with it going smoothly, thank u and we ll be in touch soon Kxx." Karen Dunn, Surrey, UK

    "You have instilled this calmness into me. I miss my Mum, and Dad, so much & there is such a big hole in my life - so I just cannot believe I would be 'coping' as OKish as I am without you." Vicki Moore, Surrey, UK

    "I have told as many people as I can about you! I can honestly say I feel like you really helped me in my grieving process and deserve to be 'shouted about'." Camilla Gray www.camillagray.arbonne.com

    "Well, what can I say! All I know is that if I have any concerns, emotionally or physically, I will be straight round to see Amanda. She has helped my teenage daughter who has been suffering from depression, the effect her work has had on my daughter has been amazing. Amanda knows so much and I am blown away by her ability to access what was going on and therefore to balance these out within the body and to release anything that is no longer needed.
    I would recommend you go to see Amanda in conjunction with the doctor for ANY health issue. It takes a while to see the effects but I am convinced Amanda has been instrumental in my daughter’s recovery." Mrs Taylor, Aldershot, UK

    "The cloud has lifted - I can remember things easily now". IR - Surrey, UK

    "I enjoyed my BodyTalk session yesterday and slept so well last night. I'm still amazed with the BodyTalk it's a very powerful thing and I think it's testament to your calmness and serenity." Evans, Surrey, UK

    "BodyTalk & Amanda are amazing. I know people are sceptical, but if you try it, it works...if you don't, you carry on suffering your ailment...simple!" Sarah Greeff, Hampshire, UK

    "I have done the Cortices meditation 2x and it's worked both times :D so good! Thank you so much for teaching us that. I've also noticed a bit of a runny nose, which I feel is a perhaps my body releasing the catarrh at the back of my throat. I can't remember if I mentioned back pain, but I had quite bad back pain the first few nights after I landed in UK, and that has completely gone since the session.
    I'm really intrigued in BodyTalk and I thought you were really great, a true professional and lovely lady. I'd still be interested in attending a workshop to learn more about it! Thanks again." Frances Verbeek The Happi Empire

    "I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to Amanda Weller for her amazing Bodytalk skills and totally clearing my menopausal migraine after a session today." Jackie Bonella, Independent Herbalife distributor www.bonella-health.co.uk

    "I can't thank you enough for all you've done to get me to this happy place. When I think how down I was this time last year, I absolutely know that it's you and the wonder that is BodyTalk that started to turn me round and get me back on track again." Mary Hamilton, Surrey, UK

    "I found Amanda via an internet search when I was 16 weeks pregnant in July this year. I had been suffering from crippling headaches, high blood pressure and general symptoms of anxiety. I wasn’t in a very good place, even though I was excited and happy to be pregnant. I was feeling pretty desperate for help and was prepared to drive over half an hour down the A3 to see Amanda asap - I had simply planned to have some reflexology in the hope that it might help with my symptoms but on hearing what I was going through Amanda suggested I try bodytalk as an alternative. I had never heard of it but was willing to try anything. After a thorough face-to-face consultation I had my first session. I felt very comfortable and at ease while I was there even though I had never met Amanda before and the whole session lasted about an hour, although I had no idea what it was that Amanda was actually 'doing'. I drove home that evening and as I pulled up my driveway I suddenly realised that my headache (this one was bad - I had been suffering from it for over 4 days with varying intensity – nothing had helped) was completely gone, and it didn’t come back! My husband remarked straight away on how relaxed my face looked - I must have been scrunching it up in pain - and how lively I seemed after just half an hour back at home. It was dramatic and a huge relief. Since then I have been using bodytalk to help address some deep-rooted physical and emotional issues which I think my pregnancy had brought to the surface. My life has been so much better. My blood pressure has fallen, my general ability to cope has greatly improved and I am happier and healthier, albeit very heavily pregnant. Infact, I would say that these have been some of the calmest months of my adult life, I just feel so much better in myself. I would strongly recommend anyone to suspend cynicism and explore bodytalk as a powerful and yet completely natural and gentle form of self-healing. I am amazed at the results and if I look back on where I was a few months ago, I can’t believe how much it has changed my life. I only wish I had known about it years ago!" Caroline K, Surrey, UK

    "I have always known you were a miracle worker but the transformation today has been really remarkable. I have been in pretty much constant pain with my knees for months. Tonight I could do my yoga exercises, touch my toes and deal far better with all the stress at work. Thank you thank you thank you. I would love everyone to know how good BodyTalk can be." Mary Hamilton,Surrey, UK

    "My energy, demeanor and physical ability transformed and its your fault!
    You are a Wow...Thank you so much for your application of skill and self as this treatment was simply mind and body altering in the best possible way." Elliott, London, UK

    "I had my first body talk session with Amanda on a Monday and it took me to the Wednesday to realise that something had changed with me. I could feel that I was certainly more loving, tolerant and patient with myself and others, and more laid back and peaceful. My short temper faded away. It was like something, which was trapped for a long time in me, flew away from my body. I have travelled a lot and had the chance to try different therapies, different philosophies, expecting to have this kind of balance in the end. I was amazed to see how my body communicated during the session and even if we do not understand all about a therapy, there is something here which is achieving incredible results. This is a real therapy which I recommend for everyone and Amanda is mastering it to a high level. Thank you Amanda for this amazing therapy." FM, Surrey, UK

    "I went to see Amanda specifically for Lymph Drainage. 3 sessions improved my situation greatly. Amanda's warm and professional manner made me feel very comfortable. Thanks Amanda." GW, Surrey, UK

    "I went to Amanda to see if it would relieve my arthritis and at the end of the first session, I got up with far less pain. When I returned a couple of days later my arthritis still felt better. I had a total of 3 sessions and now two years later I still don’t need the operation that had been predicted. In addition to the improvement in my joints, I have also felt more relaxed and able to deal with life calmly and things that would have previously stressed me now don’t. I have lost 2 stone in weight and am much happier . I thoroughly recommend BodyTalk on every level." JO, Surrey, UK

    “Just wanted to give you an update after our treatment… I really feel very different and have a clarity and calmness that I had definitely mislaid for a few weeks – thank you!” CC, Surrey, UK

    "I meant to email you about the presentation .. The Bodytalk did help - I was very aware of the difference in my stomach, which is where I feel a "knotting" pain when stressed. During the presentation I didn't shake except for a little bit at the end.., my throat didn't close and I didn't have the bad sweating that I have had in the past - so there was a noticeable difference! Giving presentations is now manageable, rather than something to be avoided at all costs! I've also noticed my upper back, shoulders & neck seem to be generally better and I can only put it down to Bodytalk. So on that wonderful note - THANK YOU!!!” TR, London, UK

    "It seems impossible that a practitioner in the U.K. could make a difference on a body in Canada, but it happened. Amanda Weller performed a Body Talk treatment on me one night, and I woke up listening to my body in a very different way the following morning. More energized, open and alive and my hip, which had been troubling me, felt quite different. I am grateful to be able to feel the results. Thank you!" JC, Ontario, Canada

    To book a session contact Amanda.

    Gift Vouchers

    Would you like to introduce someone to BodyTalk? Are you stuck for present ideas? A BodyTalk gift voucher is an original and easy way for you to give a unique present.

    Call 01483 410129 or email Amanda to order a personalised voucher.

    About BodyTalk

    Developed in the mid-90s, BodyTalk is currently practised in 35 countries and is considered to be one of the fastest growing healthcare systems in the world. Its success is being driven by the following factors:

    • Clients experience results with a wide range of conditions which can be evident within all aspects of health - mind, body and spirit

    • BodyTalk can be used alone or it can be seamlessly integrated with any other form of healthcare to enhance that treatment's effectiveness

    • It is totally safe - there are no contraindications

    • BodyTalk involves no diagnoses, no medication and no invasive techniques

    BodyTalk incorporates a comprehensive system of non-invasive techniques designed to enable people to live their lives to their potential. It comprises state-of-the-art science and philosophy to help the body unlearn the habits, beliefs, biochemical pathways and postural patterns that are restricting the healthy functioning of the body-mind complex. Clinical experience has shown that once the body's overall systems are balanced through BodyTalk, clients may exhibit improvement in many areas of health.
    "My energy, demeanor and physical ability transformed"

    BodyTalk is a simple and effective holistic therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended. Each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, however, these lines of communication can become compromised or disconnected, which then leads to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental well-being. Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body's internal mechanisms to function at optimal levels, thus repairing and preventing disease while rapidly accelerating the healing process. In this way, BodyTalk stimulates the body's innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels.

    Click here to watch a short video presented by Dr John Veltheim, the president and founder of the BodyTalk System, who talks about how and why this whole healthcare system sets itself apart from other modalities and why it is so effective.

    This cutting-edge system of healthcare is both scientifically and philosophically based. It is a system upheld by the latest quantum scientific research and, most importantly, its formulae respect and align with the bodymind’s own innate wisdom and consciousness.

    The BodyTalk System™ uses the trained right brain approach of intuitive assessment. The beauty and simplicity of Quantum BodyTalk is that it does not override but, instead, respects the bodymind complex’s own innate wisdom and consciousness. It then uses the principles of quantum physics to develop strategies for restoring well-being on all levels.

    BodyTalk is consciousness-based, holistic healthcare which can be used both to regain and to maintain optimum health. It recognizes that within each of us there lies the innate knowing of who we are and what we need in order to function effectively.

    It incorporates concepts from ancient and modern, western and oriental medical practices as follows:

    • Western medical expertise
    • The energy dynamics of acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Osteopathic & chiropractic philosophy
    • The clinical findings of Applied Kinesiology
    • Insights from the the latest developments in epigenetics, neuroscience, quantum physics & mathematics
    Unlike other healthcare systems, BodyTalk does not assess, diagnose or treat any condition. Instead, the practitioner accesses the client's own innate wisdom to discover the imbalances that need to be addressed for normal functioning to be re-established. We all have this innate wisdom in us - for example, when we cut ourselves, we don't consciously give our body instructions as to how to heal the wound. It is the client's innate wisdom that shows the practitioner which parts of the body need balancing, enabling the body to heal itself at all energetic levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

    BodyTalk is based on the principle that if all the different parts of the body are communicating well with each other, we are in perfect health. There are billions of synchronized activities that need to take place every second to keep the body in balance - at biochemical (physiological), emotional and mental levels. Environmental, hereditary and genetic influences at cellular level also influence health. The body is a complex ecosystem involving a delicate balance between all of these interactions and everything needs to be synchronized into a cohesive whole. When any of these activities become unsynchronized, primarily through exposure to the physical and emotional stresses of day-to-day life and our environment, we begin to experience distress, disease and illness.

    BodyTalk has been designed to access and mobilize a person's innate healing ability by identifying where the imbalances in the bodymind complex are and re-establishing communication between those affected parts. Once the links have been made and "tapped out," an energy shift occurs that leads to resynchronization, restoring balance to the bodymind and thereby restoring health as well. Since every person is unique, the links required to balance each individual will also be unique - even in situations where two people present with the same symptoms.

    The client's innate wisdom guides the BodyTalk practitioner to find the unique imbalances that exist in his/her body and the order in which the imbalances need to be addressed - innate wisdom sets the priorities, which is why no diagnosis is required.

    BodyTalk Research

    BodyTalk Research Study for Chronic Pain Treatment Published in the Yearbook of Pain Management 2014

    An initial clinical research study, Evaluation of BodyTalk, a novel mind-body medicine, for chronic pain treatment, has been published in April 2015 in the "Yearbook of Pain Management 2014" by Nova Science Publishers . This is a pilot research study looking at the efficacy of BodyTalk for chronic pain treatment with statistically significant results for pain reduction and related emotional factors such as anxiety, depression, fatigue and quality of life.

    "This study is a pilot investigation of BodyTalk for treatment of chronic pain using a blinded, controlled study design... To evaluate BodyTalk efficacy, subjects reported on their pain level and other associated health and emotional factors throughout the treatment protocol using the quantitative and extensively validated PROMIS system of self-reporting instruments."
    ​Journal of Pain Management 2015;7(4):279

    "Fatigue, overall physical and mental health showed significance in the pooled treatment group data. This initial evaluation of BodyTalk suggests that this mind-body CAM [complementary and alternative medicine] system is effective in reducing pain level as well as emotional symptoms associated with long-term chronic pain."
    Journal of Pain Management 2015;7(4):279

    See Full BodyTalk Research Paper

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