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How Does Distance Healing Work?

Distance healing, also known as “remote healing”, forms a large part of my work. The same questions tend to come up before working with someone new, particularly if they are not familiar with energy medicine. The following answers to those questions will be useful if you are considering distance sessions.

What Is Distance Healing?

Distance healing is an appointment that happens while the client and practitioner are in different physical locations at the time of the session. They might be just a few miles apart, or it could be that the practitioner and client are in different countries quite literally on the other side of the world from each other when the session happens.

How Does Distance Healing Actually Work?

Everything is energy so everything is connected. Consciousness is energy. The first thing to shift when anything changes is energy – or consciousness. Therefore, when I work with someone, whether they are in the room with me or on the other side of the world, this allows the space to be held for that person’s energy to shift and rebalance.

Why Do People Choose Distance Healing?

People choose Distance Healing for a variety of reasons. Often is is because they live too far away to be able to attend an in person session. Other times it can be due to illness or simply due to busy lives and practical constraints.

How Does Amanda Do A Distance Session?

I offer distance sessions in one of three different ways, depending which suits you best:

1. Via video using either Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom, your choice

2. Over the phone

3. I do the session while you get on with your day as normal. In this instance, I would email my audio report of the session to you after I have done it.

Is An “In Person” Appointment More Effective Than A Distance Session?


There is no difference in the results, whether someone is in the same room as me or on the other side of the world. You can see an example of this under Testimonials From Distance Sessions in the feedback from a client in Canada.

Do I Have To Believe In Energy Medicine For It To Work?


If you had to believe in Energy Medicine, then it would not work on young children and animals.

Have a look at Testimonials from Distance Sessions below to read about a Cairn Terrier dog who had a distance session from Amanda for a painful leg.

Will Distance Healing Work With Children?


I often works using method number 3 above when I work with children at a distance.

You can read about two such examples under Testimonials from Distance Sessions below, one concerning a 12 year old boy and the other a baby boy.

Do I Need To Have Met You For Distance Healing To Work?


I ask clients to complete an Online Form before the agreed appointment date, so I have the information I need to focus on them for their session.

Can Distance Healing Work For Physical Issues too?

Absolutely, yes.

One such example is the testimonial from a lady in Greece who had pain from a trapped nerve which you can find here under Testimonials from Distance Sessions.

How Do I Book A Session?

Click here to email me to arrange a convenient time and agree which of the three methods (mentioned above) you would like. You will then be sent a link to my online form for you to complete in preparation for your session.

Testimonials From Distance Sessions

"Before I started working with Amanda I felt very run down and drained which resulted in me being very quick tempered and very emotional. Amanda focussed on me during the session and whilst I didn't know exactly to the minute when the session was happening, I could feel myself take some settling breaths either during or after the session. Amanda followed up by email with audio reports - I had questions and she gave me some excellent advice on things such as increasing my water intake so that I am not so dehydrated. Afterwards I felt much more calm and level headed, much more emotionally stable and able to cope with life. " Abigail, Surrey, UK

"Edward is a 3 year old boy who is speech delayed as well as being slightly behind in gross and fine motor skills. I asked Amanda to work with him hoping that he just needed a 'nudge' to help heal himself. He had 3 remote sessions where Amanda focussed on him and then emailed through her audio reports after each session. After the first session my husband and nanny both remarked what a wonderful mood he was in and how much chattier he had become - they did not know he had had the treatment. After the second and third treatment he still progressed, although it was slower than after the first treatment. Edward is continuing to make progress with his speech, his awareness and with his fine and gross motor skills. I believe that the sessions helped to kick start his body into healing itself." Abigail, Surrey, UK

"Amanda is a life saver! My baby boy had been suffering with night terrors for over a week. He screamed for 5-6 hours per night and we were at our wit’s end.
Amanda booked in a remote session for Toby and emailed me the audio recording of the session the same day.
That night, Toby still had the terrors but for only half the time and the night after he had a full restful night’s sleep, as did we! The whole family is noticeably happier due to having uninterrupted nights and poor Toby isn’t suffering anymore.
We can’t thank you enough Amanda." The Wilsons x, Hampshire, UK

"Before I started working with Amanda, I was ill and about to start treatment in hospital, it was a frightening prospect because I didn’t know what they were going to do to me or how my body would react.
Amanda did weekly sessions at first and I listened to the audio she sent me afterwards. It was very soothing to hear her voice calmly telling me what had come up in that session. It was also surprising when she started talking about a something which had come up which I hadn’t mentioned to her or when she talked about something which then came up later that week - I didn’t worry so much then, I just said to myself that my body was expecting it and dealing with it.
Audio Report after session.
My treatment happened fairly uneventfully, my body seemed to react as was expected and after 14 months of treatment I gradually returned to work.
To me it really felt like there was someone helping me deal with the treatment in a way that was above the norm. This gave me a certain peace of mind." Cathy Blott, Surrey, UK

"It seems impossible that a practitioner in the U.K. could make a difference on a body in Canada, but it happened. Amanda Weller performed a Body Talk treatment on me one night, and I woke up listening to my body in a very different way the following morning. More energized, open and alive and my hip, which had been troubling me, felt quite different. I am grateful to be able to feel the results. Thank you!" Jane Czarny, Ontario, Canada

"Encouraged to explore Bodytalk further, after having read an article published recently in the Telegraph Newspaper, I contacted Amanda whilst arranging a trip to the UK. I asked her if she could see me while I was over and amazingly she said that she could also do a ‘distance’ session so of course I jumped at the offer. I had had a pain, maybe from a trapped nerve, running down my entire right side for about 7 months, during which time I had had several physiotherapy sessions which had helped slightly but within a couple of days I was back with the pain again. Within 12 hours of the Bodytalk distance session I was already reaping the benefits – I felt a warm sensation all down my right side, I felt completely energized and the pain had almost totally disappeared. I was moving freely, something that I hadn’t done in months, and my show jumping training session the next day had a completely different feel about it, both physically and mentally. Amanda did a further distance treatment a few days later and again many issues came up during the session that related directly to my life.
I cannot pretend I that understand what is happening during a Bodytalk session, all I know is that it has improved my physical and mental well-being in a most immediate and positive way. I would fully recommend everyone to give it a try." Tessa Deriziotis, Athens, Greece

"Sadly my 12 yr old son was suffering from depression, anxiety, constantly tired, becoming increasingly withdrawn and certainly not his usual self. (There is also the possibility that he is somewhere on the autistic spectrum and this is something that is being further assessed.) Despite still being able to achieve academically, he was finding school increasingly difficult - often finding it too difficult to attend school. It was almost as if he was ‘stuck’ and we couldn’t find a way through to change things and turn things around.
Traditional ‘talking’ therapies did not seem to help – in fact it seemed to push him further into a corner and into himself. He shut down even more, declaring that the ‘talking doesn’t help.’
At this point I turned to Amanda for help, through energy healing ‘Bodytalk’. She carried out these sessions remotely (my son wasn’t aware) and updated me afterwards. What has happened is nothing short of miraculous – almost immediately I noticed real improvements with him - he is much more positive and is getting more involved in things when I ask him to and is showing an interest in things again.
Over the past few months it seemed almost as if his brain had got muddled or stuck and he was in the mindset of not being able to cope with school. However my observation is that he has been 'reset' and a switch has been flicked in his brain and his mindset as he has now decided that he can manage school and actually he has spoken about attending school for the rest of this term and I do think he will achieve that. I can only put this shift down to Amanda and her distance healing Bodytalk sessions. I don’t understand how they work but the important thing is that they do work! I am forever indebted to her for her help in turning things around and for all the positive things that are happening. It is great to have my son back with his cheerful, sunny disposition." SA, Surrey, UK

"I have a Cairn Terrier, Pepper, who is coming up for 11 but very fit and healthy. While running at full speed in our garden he did something to his back right leg making it very painful for him to put his foot to the floor,. The following morning there was no improvement so I contacted Amanda who did a remote session on him. When I arrived home from work that evening he was limping but putting weight on his foot. The next day he was pretty much back to normal. His recovery was amazing even though Amanda never saw him. I strongly recommend Amanda to work her magic on your animals". Lucinda Beard, Surrey, UK

"I approached Amanda because I was 37 weeks pregnant and I was told that my baby was breech. She performed 2 BodyTalk sessions on me from afar and it was very good. I listened to them and they gave me a perspective of what links my body came up with. After 4 days I went back to the hospital and they told me that the baby had turned and was now cephalic. We were ecstatic!! Thank you Amanda!!" SP, London, UK

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