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Lightbulb Moments

To blog, or not to blog. And if to blog, what to blog… etc., etc. These have been my intermittent mullings. Then LIFE happened, as it is wont to do… And here I am with two published guest blogs, and a third due out next month and yet with no blog presence of my own. The writing is on the hmmm, well, screen. So here I am, writing my first blog for MY website.

How often will I blog? I will write when I have inspiration. You know those little things that happen that spark an “ah-ha” moment, those are the moments that interest me; they give insight or better understanding. They are lightbulb moments that ‘get’ you to your core, where the conscious mind backs off and it just feels right.

I will also try to make my blogs useful, so you might pick up a practical tip that you find helpful for yourself or a good idea to pass on to someone you care about. Or it may simply open up a different perspective for you. My guest blog below is a good examples of this.

My guest blog talks about my lovely 90 year old friend and her experience of reflexology. It is a wonderful example of how the bodymind is constantly trying to get into the best state that it can, whatever our age.

To blog, or not to blog – well, to blog. And what to blog? A rough idea has been formed – we shall see how it develops!

Have you had any lightbulb moments that have changed the way you do, feel, see or think about things?

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Nature’s Healing Tools - Part One: Grounding / Earthing

Grounding, or earthing, frequently comes up in my clients’ BodyTalk sessions. When it does, I always start by asking whether they ever walk around barefoot. The responses are more often than not “no”. There is quite often horror at the very idea, not only at going barefoot outside but even at the thought of padding around inside at home.

They are missing a trick.

What is this trick?

It’s a FREE healing tool that we ALL have access to, it’s easy and it’s something that we can all do for ourselves, which I am very much in favour of.

What is it? It’s walking barefoot on the ground. That simple.

We are electrical beings and we often produce excess positive charge which can hang around the body. The ground naturally oozes electrons, which are negative. When we walk barefoot on grass, mud, concrete or sand, this simple action of feet meeting ground neutralises that excess positive charge. And, of course, it’s even better if the ground is slightly damp. You are giving your body the opportunity to get into better balance electrically as the electrons are transferred into the body. Going barefoot therefore results in a shift of the electrical state of the body which in turn helps to restore our natural self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. This is obviously beneficial.

You know how when you go on holiday you feel better, less stressed, with an improved general sense of wellbeing? We all presume that this is simply due to being away from the daily routine. This is clearly a factor, but possibly more important is that you are walking along the beach, splashing along the shoreline or swimming in the sea, without the usual protection of the non-conductive materials our footwear is so often made of. There are many thousands of people who have tried earthing and their feedback has shown they felt significantly better in many respects, for example less pain and stress, improved sleep and quicker recovery from trauma.

I recommend watching this good little clip with Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist, talking about grounding. If you’d like more information, have a look at the Earthing Institute.

And as I mentioned at the start, these principles can be incorporated into your BodyTalk session, so if you are particularly squeamish about going barefoot, that’s always another option...

PS Since writing the blog above, this short film has been produced which I urge you to watch. It could be life-changing for you.

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Confidence and Floral Walking Sticks

I’d like to tell you about an elderly reflexology client I have been working with over the past couple of months. I have done a total of eight treatments, with the first few closer together and the last ones every couple of weeks. I have also encouraged her to try and increase her water intake as, like so many elderly people, on questioning it seemed that she was generally drinking very little.

When I first saw her, she had extremely swollen ankles and used two walking sticks the entire time (she has beautiful floral walking sticks – no dull wooden ones for her!). She had great difficulty hauling herself up out of her chair, sometimes needing a second attempt to get out of my reflexology chair, and she would always have to stand and wait for a while for her dizziness to subside before manoeuvring herself with great care across the room and back to her chair, which would also be an effort for her to sit down into. Over the course of the two months the swelling around her ankles improved.

The last time I saw her I had a couple of surprises awaiting me. The first was that she casually dropped into conversation: “I went into Guildford by bus last week”. I have to admit, I was absolutely astonished – there was no way she would have considered this when I first met her. “Well”, she said in her matter of fact way, “I needed some new trousers”.

Then a little time later in the treatment she stunned me again: “I’m only using one stick indoors now. I still use two at night and outside, but I’m feeling more confident so inside I can manage fine with one”. This was music to my ears. And at the end of the treatment she got out of my chair more easily, didn’t have to stand for so long to get her balance, and sitting down in her own chair was a smoother, more comfortable action too.

What a change. I am delighted that my client’s world has begun to open up again in so many ways, from the little daily activities such as carrying a cuppa more easily from one room to another, to going by bus for a bit of retail therapy..

This really is a fabulous testament to the fact that our amazing bodyminds can heal and improve at any age. And however beautiful your walking sticks are, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s rather wonderful not to have to depend on them quite so much.

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Nature’s Healing Tools - Part Two: Sunlight

There is something about the sun coming out, isn’t there. Suddenly everyone has a smile on their face and a spring in their step and we frequently hear people commenting on how much better they feel when the sun’s out. But have you ever wondered why this is? It’s all to do with Ultraviolet (UV) light – you know, the thing that we are encouraged to stay away from and block ourselves off from.

Well, here are a few facts about UV light that you may not be aware of.

First, a big one. UV light activates a skin hormone called solitrol. Solitrol plays an important part in your immune system and many of your body’s regulatory centres and, together with the pineal gland’s hormone melatonin, causes changes in mood and daily biological rhythms. Another interesting one is that the haemoglobin in your red blood cells needs UV light to bind to the oxygen required for all cellular functions. This is why lack of sunlight is a co-factor for almost any kind of illness. It also explains why lack of sunshine can disrupt normal cell growth.

It has been well understood for many years that ultraviolet light has powerful healing qualities. By 1933 over 165 diseases had been identified for which sunlight was recognised as being a beneficial treatment, for instance tuberculosis. The interesting thing here is that although there were complete cures of tuberculosis, for example, it was observed that patients who wore sunglasses were not cured - more on this later…

And that’s not all. Here are some other considerations. Ultraviolet light:

  • lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate
  • improves cardiac output when needed (which is not contradictory to lower resting heart
  • reduces cholesterol, if required
  • balances blood sugar
  • enhances energy, endurance and muscular strength
  • improves the body’s resistance to infections
  • controls a gene that is responsible for producing a powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic
    throughout the body
  • enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
  • increases sex hormones
  • improves the skin’s resistance to infections
  • raises tolerance to stress and reduces depression

    So you see, our amazing bodies were designed to absorb UV light for many good reasons. If we needed total sunscreen, nature would have ensured that we evolved with a natural sunblock to protect our skin and eyes.

    Let’s stay on that subject of eyes for a moment. Normally, when the optic nerves in your eyes sense sunlight, this is a signal for your pituitary gland to produce hormones that act as boosters for your melanocytes, (they produce melanin, which is what causes your skin to tan) and your melanocytes start producing melanin in great quantities. But when you wear sunglasses, the optic nerves send completely the opposite messages which lead the pituitary gland to think that you are in the dark, which reduces the production of melanocyte stimulating hormones. The result is that your skin produces less melanin which means you will then be more susceptible to sun damage.

    So, while I am absolutely NOT advocating that you take risks, a little time in the sun without sunscreen could do you the world of good, providing you don’t burn of course. And if you could manage without your beautiful fashion accessories on your face, that too would be beneficial and give your amazing body the chance to protect you as it is naturally set up to do.

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    Cut The Chat - Give Yourself A Head Holiday

    As I got to the top of the hill on my walk, 20 mins after I had set off, it suddenly dawned on me that I had been so “in my head” the entire way up, mulling and churning all sorts of work stuff, that I had absolutely no recollection of how I got there. I hadn’t noticed one iota of my physical experience.

    So I resolved to observe my breath for the remainder of the walk as I set off again down the hill through the woods and out into the evening light along the paths through the fields. I soon set up a regular rhythm, two paces on the in breath, two on the out breath, simply observing my breath and whatever else I noticed in or around me. I became aware of the shrill chirrup of some small bird over to my left, the smell of horse manure, the feel of the air around my body, the fallen branches that seemed to take on different forms – one a creature’s head – can you see it?! Information from my senses that I hadn’t registered at all on the way up.

    Blogs/Radio/Podcasts. Creature

    When my mind started to wander, I’d gently bring it back to observing my breath again. Out now through the kissing gate into the evening sunshine to find the fields which had been full of golden wheat and were harvested a few weeks ago, were now covered in bales of straw, a beautiful sight in the soft light of early evening with the shadows starting to stretch out.

    But more than all this external awareness, by focussing on my breath and cutting out the endless stream of chatter clattering around my head, I became aware of myself internally. The physical reverberations through my body each time my feet struck the ground, of my sense of self, my heart space. I became aware of a sense of peace and appreciation for the moment as I stepped through it, while negotiating my way (in shorts) along paths overgrown with brambles and nettles by the way!

    I didn’t manage to hold my attention on my breath constantly for the remainder of the walk, (my head is VERY persistent) but each time I realised my mind had wandered I returned to it. It was such a relief to access that sense of space again. Even brief breaks and connection to peaceful moments are so beneficial and wonderful to experience.

    You can cut the chat too. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Give yourself a break from your incessant mental whirring – a mini head holiday! Have a play. Give it a go – and please let me know what your experience is. I’d love to hear.

    Amanda 💚💚💚

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    What do I DO?

    “So…..what do you DO….?”

    The question that of course I am frequently asked.

    My main thing is that I work with individuals, either in person or remotely over the phone or video. They get in touch because they don’t feel 100% in some way (it could be physical pain, or worries and stress, fears, grief, feeling low, lacking oomph etc, or, most commonly, a combination of reasons). I am trained to an advanced level in BodyTalk (which is NOT a talk therapy, despite it’s name!) and in Quantum-Touch, both of which work with our natural instinct to get into the best state that we can, and my sessions now (I will have notched up 15 years in practice this March) tend to be an intuitive mix of the two. I feel extremely lucky to have these two modalities to use, as it means that I basically have a full healthcare system to work with from the BodyTalk side, with knowledge and understandings gleaned from a wide variety of sources such as anatomy and physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, chiropractics and osteopathy, neuroscience, psychology and Quantum Science to play with, in addition to the power of universal loving energy and intention that is so powerfully accessed with Quantum-Touch. Other more random things can also pop up as relevant, such as teaching a brief de-stressing technique, a book recommendation, or a personalised breathing meditation to help that person experience calm, grounding, peace and a sense of reconnection with themselves. And it can even happen that I am drawn to pick a card too which might, for example, illuminate some relevant aspect or other in that person’s life.

    Each and every session is unique.

    So, in answer to the question “What do you DO?”, I work to help people experience wellbeing naturally, to optimise their potential, and to experience a happier state of being so they can live the best possible version of their life, whatever that means to them.

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